2012 Mint 400 Race Report: Jagged-X

2012 Mint 400 Race Report: Jagged-X

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Jagged-X recounts the Mint 400 race, and why last minute preps and new cars can bite you in the butt
“Well there is a saying…. ” you can’t win em all” The Jagged X team was reminded how true this is at the mint last weekend.

As everyone knows we have been busy building two brand new cars to debut at this race. Anyone who has built a desert race car knows how the last minute stuff can really take it’s toll. I am hear to say that if you build two cars it is twice as bad!

We had all hands on deck for the last few weeks finishing the two RZR XP 4’s and at about 3:00 am on Friday morning the cars finnaly headed to Vegas with virtually no test time. We feel that the final product looked as good as anything we have ever built X 2 with the cars being identical twins.

The whole weekend became a series of bad luck events starting on Friday evening when we discovered a coolling system problem on one of the new cars. This forced us to pull the plug on one of the cars.

After discussing the options with the team we made the decision to have our two pro drivers compete and surrender our Sportsman entry. Matt parks would drive the new 1932 XP4 while Brandon Schueler would step into the pure stock XP 4 Previously raced at the Parker 250 by Bill Schueler and Craig Scanlon from Polaris Ind.

This course was among the roughest BITD tracks that our drivers have seen in a long time. The start went off good but things began to deteriorate in a hurry. Just a few miles out of pit one the stock 1919 car found something in the dust which caused the left front control arms to become distorted (nice way of saying it ) Brandon and Blake would spend the next several hours making reapairs but would finnaly time out before completing the first lap.

Matt Parks in the new RZR XP4 was busy using his new Kroyer racing engine to come from the very back starting postion to pick off UTV’s, cars & trucks making his way toward the front of the grid. at the end of lap one a primary clutch failure cost the 1932 some valuble time. Matt worked forward in the pack until a broken uniball pin would end his day, leaving him stranded in no man’s land

It was a dissapointing outing for the whole JX team but we were able to realize the potential of the new platform and now have the time to prepare for the Silver State 300 in May.

We want to thank all of our sponsors.

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Mike Jagged-X