ACTION ALERT :  OHV Funds Under Attack!

ACTION ALERT : OHV Funds Under Attack!

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ACTION ALERT :  OHV Funds Under Attack!

OHV Funds are Under Attack!

Dear ASA Member;


There is currently a proposal that will be heard this Wednesday (5/23) in a CA Budget Subcommittee to take California Off Highway Vehicle funds and divert them to fund CA State Parks. The total amount being considered, in addition to the $20 million yearly amount already being taken, is an additional $21 million.  


The take of additional OHV funding will have a tremendous impact on CA OHV recreation and will result in a loss of ridership in grant areas and, in a short time, a disintegration of the SVRA system because we will not have enough money to handle the growing need.  


It is preposterous to take more money out of a self-sufficient fund at the expense of recreation and not address the problems that got state parks into trouble in the first place.  


Immediate action must be taken to save our funds!  


Please include some of the following language in your correspondence:


  • It is wrong to ruin a system that works (OHV) and turn control of the grant money over to Parks for discretionary purposes.  
  • Please don’t raid the State’s Off-Highway Vehicle Parks Fund to bail out State Parks.  
  • We have handled our resources responsibly.  
  • The reason OHV works so well is that those grants go to specific law enforcement, environmental, educational and riding opportunities.  
  • 40 years ago people realized that those within the Parks system didn’t appreciate off-highway vehicle recreation.  Consequently, OHV was given some autonomy within Parks, and an OHV Division was created. 
  • Because $10 million annually is already being taken from the fund, this year OHV projects in CA are already seeing a budget shortfall of which we cannot overcome.  

Here is a list of people to send your message to:  


Senate President Pro-Tem (Leader of the Senate):

Senator Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento): 

fax: 916-323-2263 / office: 916-651-4006   


Senate Budget Sub-Committee #2:

Senator Joe Simitian (D-Palo Alto), Sub Committee Chair: 

fax: 916-323-4529 / office: 916-651-4011   


Senator  Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield): 

fax: 916-322-3304 / office: 916-651-4018  

Note: Senator Fuller has already signified she is opposed to raiding OHV funds. A note of appreciation for her support is recommended. 


Senator Alan Lowenthal (D-Long Beach): 

fax: 916-327-9113 / office: 916-651-4027

Note: Senator Lowenthal is the key swing vote. 


Key members of the full Budget Committee:


Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), Budget Committee Chair: 

fax: 916-445-4722 / office: 916-651-4003


Senator Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) Budget Committee Vice-Chair: 

fax: 916-324-0922 / office: 916-651-4029

Note: Senator Huff is pro OHV. 


Senator Bill Emmerson (R-Riverside) Budget Committee Vice-Chair: 

fax: 916-327-2187 / office: 916-651-4037


If you decide to make the trip to Sacramento to lobby on behalf of this issue, the hearing will be held on May 23rd at the Senate Budget Sub Committee #2 for Resources. A strong OHV presence is really important.  The ASA will have representation at this meeting.  


CA State Senate Budget & Fiscal Review Subcommittee #2 on Resources

11:00 a.m. – Capitol Hearing Room 2040


For more information, please contact the ASA’s Executive Director at (760) 996-8983 or by email at