2011 Polaris RZR XP | Firewall Melting

2011 Polaris RZR XP | Firewall Melting

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Polaris Industries are concerned about this. If you have had any Melting Issues and/or you have got to the point of a Fire, like the recent posting, You need to Call Polaris at 1-888-704-5290 8am-11pm CT. M-F

Make sure you have your VIN# & as much information about what happened. They are going to compile data and look into safety bulletins, recalls or whatever is necessary… Again they are very concerned over this & its going up the chain of command however without VIN #s and actual people calling in..Nothing can happen…

For the 3 that have had the issue please, for the rest of us call.

UPDATE: I forgot to add. It doesnt matter how minor the melting is. If you are showing signs it could get worse if run hotter, give them a call..

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