Bobcat 3400XL 4×4 Utility Vehicle (2011) $MSRP

Bobcat 3400XL 4×4 Utility Vehicle (2011)

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The Bobcat 3400XL is best for flexible transportation options. With an extra row of seating, the 3400XL can carry from two to five passengers (or 6 occupants), depending on your seat configuration.
2011 Bobcat 3400XL 4×4 Utility Vehicle | Price: $N/A | Displacement: 30.4ci | Horsepower: 32hp | Drivetrain: 4WD/2WD | Suspension: A-Arm 7″ |  Color: White/Orange 

Electronic Fuel Injection: Provides easier starts and smooth, responsive acceleration.

Increased Horsepower: Get speed, acceleration and power, whether you’re traveling or hauling heavy loads.

Speed and Acceleration: Accelerate smoothly and travel at a top speed of 30 mph.

Exceptional Payload Capacity: Haul more with each load and take fewer trips.

Fuel Choices: Match other equipment in your fleet with a gas engine (all models) or diesel engine (3400 and 3400 XL)

Four-Wheel Independent Suspension: Improve your agility over rough terrain as each wheel moves independently to smooth out the bumps.

Adjustable Rear Suspension: Provides stability and responsiveness for your various load requirements.

True Four-Wheel Drive (3400, 3400XL and 3450): Sends torque to every wheel when you start to slip. If the rear wheels start to lose traction, the front wheels engage to power you through the difficult terrain.

Drive Mode Selection: Control the drive mode to fit the conditions by selecting single-wheel drive (open differential), two-wheel drive (rear differential locked) or four-wheel drive (equal torque to both rear wheels).

Two-Range Transmission: Choose between low or high range as you work or travel.

Variable-Rate Acceleration: Gain precise control when maneuvering at low speeds around trees, walls, gates and other obstacles.

RapidLink™ Attachment System: Position attachments with an easy-to-operate joystick control—all from the comfort of the operator area.

Integrated Accessory System: Add mounts, racks and other accessories; many accessories snap directly into the mounting system without tools.

Receiver Hitch: Tow a trailer with the standard 2 in. receiver hitch.

12-Volt Plug-In: Charge your cell phone, MP3 player and other electronic devices.

Accessories and Options: Customize your utility vehicle with tire choices, option packages and accessories

Sound Quality: Enjoy quiet operation thanks to the muffler package and engine layout.

Comfortable Seats: Choose from seating options including the standard two-passenger bucket seating, bench seating, multi-passenger seating (3400XL) and 3-point shoulder harness.

Optional Cab: Stay protected from the elements.

Optional Heat: Remain warm all year long.

Ergonomic Controls: Operate the machine with controls that are within reach, comfortable to grip and simple to move.

Low-Effort Steering: Provides easy maneuvering in a wide range of operating conditions.

Cupholders: Keep a hot or cold beverage nearby with operator and passenger cup holders.

Low Entry Step: Enter and exit your utility vehicle with ease.

Shift-On-The-Fly Drive Mode: Maintain momentum in tough conditions; after you stop to lock the differential, change from two-wheel mode to four-wheel drive on the fly.

Instrument Panel: Check the indicator lights, hour meter, warning lights and optional programmable speedometer.

Automatic Glow Plugs (Diesel): Start a cold engine easier with standard-equipped automatic glow plugs that turn on and off automatically.

Convenient Cargo Box: Built with one-piece construction, simplify hauling with the single-latch tailgate, tilt cargo box with lift assist, tie-down points and optional powered lift.

Familiar Operation: Operate the utility vehicle with the naturally-positioned accelerator and brakes.

Low and High Beam Headlights: See better in low-light conditions.


Engine 3400XL (4×4) Gas 3400XL (4×4) Diesel
Engine Cooling Liquid Liquid
Emissions Tier (EPA) N/A Final Tier 4
Engine Fuel Gasoline Diesel
Horsepower 32 HP 24.8 HP
Displacement 30.4 cubic in 55.1 cubic in
Performance 3400XL (4×4) Gas 3400XL (4×4) Diesel
Operating Weight 1673 lbs 1850 lbs
Travel Speed – High 30 mph 30 mph
Travel Speed – Low 15 mph 15 mph
Travel Speed – Reverse 15 mph 15 mph
Capacities 3400XL (4×4) Gas 3400XL (4×4) Diesel
Fuel Tank 9 gal 9 gal
Cargo Box Length 36.5 in 36.5 in
Cargo Box Width 54 in 54 in
Cargo Box Bed Load Capacity 1100 lbs 1100 lbs
Cargo Box Height 11.5 in 11.5 in
Cargo Box Bed Load Height 31 in 31 in
Total Vehicle Rated Capacity 1600 lbs 1600 lbs
Dimension 3400XL (4×4) Gas 3400XL (4×4) Diesel
Length 144.7 in 147.3 in
Width 60 in 60 in
Height 75 in 75 in
Ground Clearance 9.5 in 9.5 in
Turning Radius 153 in 153 in
Wheelbase 105.8 in 105.8 in

Accessories and Options: Customize your Bobcat utility vehicle for the jobs you do with plenty of accessories and options.

Integrated Accessory System: Carry equipment or accommodate specific tasks using the unique cargo box mounting system.

Tire Choices: Choose from turf and all-terrain tires.

Factory-Installed Deluxe Package: Order your utility vehicle with a brush guard for added vehicle protection, powered lift to dump your loaded cargo, and black rims for a stylish look.

Hunter Limited Edition: Upgrade your utility vehicle with an alternate color scheme and gun rack.

Self-Contained Snow Blade (3200, 3400 & 3400XL): Position the blade with an electric lift; no winch is necessary.

Worksite Accessories: Add electrical accessories such as strobe lights, turn signals, work lights and backup alarms.



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