How-To: Teryx Carb Plenum Ring Fix

How-To: Teryx Carb Plenum Ring Fix

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Posted by SandJunkie


ot sure how many are convinced that the air plenum connection to the carbs is a poor design on Kawasaki’s part but for those of us who have had problems? Here is a cheap and easy solution that will keep you from rebuilding your engine prematurely. Originally I was going to try and make a buck off this but it came together so easy that I just thought I would throw it out there for most “do it yourself” guys & girls.

Materials needed:
1 – 7″ Stainless band clamp
4 – M5 x 12 Stainless Allen Head Bolts
2 – M5 Stainless Flat Washers
2 – M5 Stainless Lock Washers

Tools needed:
Impact Driver (Do not attempt with out this)
Whitney Punch (Might be able to get by without this one…maybe)
Bulldog Tin Snips (Or a damn good pair of snips that you don’t mind ruining)

Time needed:
About 2 hours

OK grab your 7″ band clamp and measure down 7″ from the clamping end and cut it with your snips…(Don’t mind the holes…I got ahead of myself while taking pictures)…


  • Now cut 3″ off the remaining end of the clamp…
  • Now use your Whitney punch and punch 2 holes 1/4″ in from the end of the clamp on both pieces…(I smoothed out and radiused the ends on my grinder)…
  • Now remove the carb assembly (Just easier to work on this while it’s on a bench or table) and start by using your impact driver to remove the 2 screws above the linkage assembly…
  • Take one of the M5 allen bolts and a FLAT washer…these will replace the screws you just removed. Make sure to use RED Loc-Tite (Threadlocker) on these. Use the bolt & washer to install the clamping end (7″) on the rearward mounting hole…do not tighten this down until the last step
  • Turn the assembly over and use your impact driver to remove the screws holding the fuel “T” onto the carb assembly. Replace these with the 2 remaining allen head bolts and the LOCK washers. Use RED Loc-Tite on these also. Mount the remaining band piece on the FORWARD mounting hole this time like so…
  • Re-install the plenum to the upper boots on your carbs. Loop the band up and over the plenum and attach to itself. The whole thing should look like this…
  • NOW TIGHTEN the allen head bolts. Double check everything to make sure it’s all tight and re-install your assembly.

    We have another idea in R&D right now but rather than waiting around to hear more horror stories I rushed this out. Hopefully we saved some engines…

    If any of you don’t not have access to the tools or a local hardware store then PM me and I’ll work something out with you to get the mod done.

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Or you can buy the DASA Plenum Rings Below:

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