Kawasaki Teryx 4-Seater Rumored

Kawasaki Teryx 4-Seater Rumored

With the UTV Market exploding in the last few years, consumers have been offered a variety of performance related UTVs. So far, Polaris Industries have been the only company to offer a 4-seat, performance UTV, called the RZR4.

That is until now. Kawasaki has a 4 seat version of its popular Teryx platform. Industry insiders announced this week that the model is already developed and few have seen it in test demos.

Rumored to have increased suspension travel, added horsepower and a more sporty approach to UTV performance, the New Kawasaki Teryx 4 seat model will be avilable by October, 2012.

SandJunkie: The new 4 seater from Kawasaki is almost all play…there is no work advantages that I could detect…and like I said…it is really built tough…I wish the 2 seater was built like that 4 seater is… Kawasakii did away with the big heavy bed in exchange for the 2 rear seats…and that dang bed was 100 lbs…so I think it will be closer than we think even with all the new bracing and other things (read upgraded suspension here)…



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