New Mexico 200 Desert Race

New Mexico 200 Desert Race

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 What surely has to have been the largest offroad race event in recent history for New Mexico, went off this weekend in Rio Rancho, NM. Hundreds gathered at the western edge of town known as the “Puerco” where a 100 mile UTV race, and a 200 mile open class race took off. Tech was held in Albuquerque at the Winrock Gardunos the previous friday. The prerun for UTVs and ATVs started at noon on Saturday.  The ATV / UTV class took off shortly after that.

The course for this race was largely comprised of technical washes, tight turns and whoop sections, leaving many of the the larger trucks out of their sweet spot. The UTVs however went through the course very well. The UTV riders asked for 100 miles. And they received it. This proved to be a hitch in the get-a-long for the next class as they were scheduled to run at 6:00 PM. However, they did not start until after 9:00 PM. Making this class run entirely at night. Crews scrambled to change their setups for the night course, which included 8 laps on the treacherous course.

Race Results Pending..

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