How-To: Teryx Flip Up Hood Mod

How-To: Teryx Flip Up Hood Mod

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This page  how describes how to convert your 2008-2009 Kawasaki Teryx hood to a flip up style; Similar to Yamaha Rhinos design

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just bought a 08 a month ago and sheared the stearing stem on the first trip. found out real quick how much of a pita these things are to work on. had to chop the hood to make future mods easier. now i can get behind the dash and under hood!!

I used blue tape to mark it off, used a cutting wheel on my dremel to cut it, sanded the edges with palm sander and hand sander, then I went around the edges with my heat gun to make a nice solid edge.

1) remove the hood
2) cut 3/4″ of the front of the head light mount but dont remove mounts yet
3) weld a piece of 3/4″ square tube across the two headlight mounts to attach them together
4) weld a riser off the top of the bumper mounts
5) weld tabs off the tube you installed on the headlight mounts, there needs to be a tab on each side of the two risers, these tabs will have a bolt through them and the riser to make your hinge.
6) cut the headlight mount at a 45 degree where it whys off to the two mounting locations
7) remove the remaining part of the headlight mount from the chassis
8) use the remaining part of headlight mount that you just removed to make a brace that will go from the 45 degree cut back to the 3/4″ tube that connect the two light mounts
9) install bolts on your new hinge and install hood too check fitment
10) tape off and cut hood

you will have to trim about 1.5″ off the top of stock bumper guard. you will also have to trim parts of the radiator shroud for the risers and where the hood rolls forward.

the rubber hood clamps i got on ebay @ 20$
the rubber trim and foam weather strip i got at a local body paint supply house. i think the rubber trim is for a rear sliding window, worked perfect though.

1) i welded a tab across the front of the hinges to make a stopper
2) made large metal plates for the back of the rubber hood latches to sandwich the plactics
3) loctite makes a great gel super glue made for rubber and plastic, i used this to hold the rubber seal on the hood

this is the ebay listing for what he has, 370390791812
I ordered some last night. I cant wait to get all my supplies and do this mod.


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