The Baja Grape Adventure Oct 22nd & 23rd

The Baja Grape Adventure Oct 22nd & 23rd

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 If you are a BIG FAN of the UTV’s,

this event is for you! This is a UNIQUE Off-Road Trip like no other… a 70+ Mile FUN RIDE, from Rosarito Beach at the Pacific to the beautiful Guadalupe Valley (Baja’s Wine Country) and Back to Rosarito, with the best scenic views you can encounter in BAJA, crossing the water creeks, sierras, ranches and farms, otherwise inaccessible to the public.

What You Need

PASSPORT!!!! to go back into the US!* Fuel for your UTV, Moto or Quad* Vehicle with LIGHTS!* Radio Communication. Contact Nacho @ Lorimar Group Rentals, to get one or have yours programmed into our frequency. Nacho’s Nextel  radio is: 125*16823*1, his Phone #:  619-749-9399 XT. 105, his E-mail is: NPEREZ@LORIMARGROUP.COM  just tell him that Too Much Fun Promotions referred you to him. * Helmet, Goggles and Gloves.* Tool Box.* MANDATORY Extra Fuel can (5 gallons)* Tow strap and/or Tiedowns.* Flash Light and Lighter* Fix-a-flat and/or kit to fix flats, spare tire, tubes and air compressor.* Cooler with: Lunch and drinks.* Minimum of 3 extra clothes changes, WARM Jacket, Hat and swimsuit.* Tooth Brush and paste, deodorant, Shampoo, Sunscreen and chapstick

Welcome to one of the most fun and panoramic UTV rides in Mexico!

Finally we where able to connect the dots, and come with the perfect route from Rosarito Beach to Baja’s world known wine country “Valle de Guadalupe”.

Here you’ll find all the details about this fun ride, regardless of the fact the within this web site we have sections with the ITINERARY as well as the decription of the COURSE, either way it is important that we bring this to your attention.


* DRIVERS MEETING: Not mandatory, but VERY recommended! To take place on Friday Oct. 21st at 8PM at OCEANA CAFE, in Oceana Plaza. Here we’ll go over all the details of the ride.

* Due to the limited availability of lodging at HOTEL BOUTIQUE Valle de Guadalupe, we have a limited capacity to this ride to the first 30 people. And most of the rooms are  single bed for two people, to be issued as you sign up. Or select your partner upon request.

* The rest of the participants will have a chance to buy inexpensive packages at a nearby MOTEL, with it’s services limited to JUST lodging.

* This event is NOT A RACE! And you MUST keep your place within the group along the ride for safety and control of the participants. You should NEVER pass the leader!

* The main purpose of this ride is to enjoy the scenery of BAJA, and the route that travels across the most remote areas of Baja.

* We’re renting hand held radios, to communicate within vehicles, and we strongly recommend you to contact Mr. Nacho Perez at Lorimar Group in San Diego, CA. to get the frequency we’ll be using (if you have your own radio) or to rent one from him. Nacho’s Nextel  radio is: 125*16823*1, his Phone #:  619-749-9399 XT. 105, his E-mail is: NPEREZ@LORIMARGROUP.COM  just tell him that Too Much Fun Promotions referred you to him. 

FRY Oct 21st:5:00 PM to 7:00 PM: Hotel Check-in at the Rosarito Inn Condo Hotel8:00 PM: Drivers Meeting and Margarita Dinner (Here you’ll get all the details on the event, the course, Sponsors Giveaways, and Sweatshirts). NOT MANDATORY! This will take place at OCEANA CAFE at Oceana Plaza in front of Rosarito Inn Condo Hotel downtown Rosarito.

SAT Oct. 22nd:7:00 AM: Registration Opens at Oceana Cafe8:30 AM: Vehicles lineup at the Beach9:00 AM: Official Start by the Tourism and local authorities.4:00 PM ±: Hotel Check-in @ HOTEL BOUTIQUE VALLE DE GUADALUPE5:00 PM: Paella & Wine Tasting Dinner

SUN Oct. 23rd:7:30 AM: Wake up call8:00 AM: Mexican Breakfast at HOTEL BOUTIQUE VALLE DE GUADALUPE9:00 AM: Start in front of the Hotel4:00 PM -5:00 PM ±: Arrive to Rosarito6:00 PM: Party @ LA CANTINA ORTEGA’S BAR (optional)


 Friday October 21st, 8PMDrivers meeting at Restaurant OCEANA CAFE (NOT MANDATORY), located in front of the headquarters Hotel “ROSARITO INN”. Oceana Plaza Shopping Center, downtown Rosarito.

Saturday October 22nd70 Miles ±* Starts at the pier in front of Rosarito Beach hotel, ON THE BEACH!* Enter to the Rosarito Canyon at the wash* Ride the full canyon till Blvd. 2000* Cross towards Mesa Redonda to Rancho Santo Domingo* PANCHO’S Place (reagroup)* Across the Rumorosita* Valle de las Palmas (GAS Stop)* Cañon del Cancio* El Testerazo* Rancho Guatequi* San Jose de la Zorra* Valle de Guadalupe (GAS) Hotel

Sunday October 23rd 70 Millas ±* Start at Valle de Guadalupe* San Jose de la Zorra* Rancho Guatequi* El Testerazo* Cañon del Cancio* Valle de las Palmas (GAS Stop)* Across the Rumorosita* PANCHO’S Place (reagroup)* Mesa Redonda* Rosarito Canyon all the way to the Beach* Finish at Hotel Rosarito Inn.

 It is IMPORTANT to carry at all times with a 5 glls. fuel container. Sometimes there’s no gas available in the inland sierra

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