Yamaha Rhino Spindles from DragonFire Racing $944

Yamaha Rhino Spindles from DragonFire Racing

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  • Performance
  • Ease Of Install
  • Reliability
  • Fitment
  • Price
Made to survive the Rigors of Racing, a Factory replacement that will also work with any bolt on Long Travel Suspension. You might break something else, but you wont break the spindle. Keep your Rhino moving forward with DragonFire Racing Factory Replacement spindle.
Manufacturer: Dragonfire Racing | Application: Yamaha Rhino (All Years) | Category: Drivetrain | HP: N/A | Price: $934| Website: dragonfireracing.com
The Dragonfire Racing spindles for the Yamaha Rhino (all years) acknowledge a known weak spot in the Yamaha drivetrain. If you plan on horse beating your Rhino, these are for you. If you are racing, these are a must.

 The bad: Pricey and Hard to install

 The good: Beefy Beefy and Beefy

We would love to recomment these spindles, but the platform and price make it a tough choice. If you arlready own a rhino, and plan on upgrading to race condition, this is a must




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